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A peek behind-the-scenes of ‘This Is Your Moment’

Is it always this fun at work?


– L


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This Is Your Moment

When it was time to put together a promotional piece for Bronco Bookstore’s Grad Fair 2012, Darren and I definitely didn’t want to create a video to do just that.

Graduation is an emotional milestone for everyone and with this video, we wanted to share a message that was sincere and authentic.

We’d like to thank all of our wonderful colleagues at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. who took time out from their busy schedules to share a part of their experience with the Class of 2012.

Enjoy and please feel free to share 🙂

– L


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Facebook Pages, meet Facebook Timeline

Woke up this morning anticipating a routine day at work but little did I know, I’d be spending most of my morning messing around with the new Timeline for Facebook Pages.

Here are my favorite features from the timeline upgrade:

  • Cover Photo – Facebook does have some guidelines that may restrict businesses to utilize this feature to it’s maximum marketing potential. However, it’s overall addition is likable and will allow for businesses to show more personality through visually appealing cover photos.
  • Highlight: Alongside Pin (see below), this is my favorite feature. Businesses may now highlight a particular post, which then expands the post across the page. This allows users to easily spot a post while scrolling through a page’s timeline. Multiple posts may be highlighted at one time. We’ve already tested this feature on our Kellogg West Facebook Page by highlighting the 8th Annual Bridal Fair.
  • Pin: Pin is great. By pinning a post, it will be featured as the top post (until another post is pinned) on your page. Only one post may be pinned at a time. We’ve also tried this feature on our KW Page by pinning our “Comfort at Every Angle” spot.
  • Message Fans Directly: We’ve always had to message our fans about prize claims and such through a personal account created under the name Bronco Channel. However, this new direct message system will allow fans to contact pages directly and vice versa. I have yet to use this feature but it seems like a conversation may only be initiated by the fan.

No me gusta:

  • Landing Tabs ... are gone. I can no longer set my page’s landing tab to a customized tab. Which means no more “like this page” to find out how to do such and such and no more arrows pointing up towards that LIKE button. What a bummer since Darren and I were on the verge of rolling out a new campaign with those exact specifications. Back to the drawing board we go.

I still need to explore the Milestones addition to Facebook Pages but if it’s anything like Life Event, I think this addition will be positive as it will allow users to become more familiar with your business and allow fans to establish a deeper connection with the company behind the logo.

As with any other Facebook upgrade, I’ll have to get used to it. But so far, I like it.

Kellogg West has already made it’s shift and we will most likely be rolling out this new look for the remaining Foundation units (Bronco BookstoreCPP Dining, and University Village) before the March 30th deadline.


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Social Media … in Sixty Seconds

This new infographic from Media Bistro gives us a look at what happens in social media every minute.

The numbers are incredible but I’m pretty disappointed to see Pinterest being used here instead of Tumblr. I still don’t understand all the hype.

And I apologize for titling this post and reminding you of that Nicolas Cage movie you wish you hadn’t seen.

– L

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2011 | A Year of Apple, Hello Kitty, Canada + more

Here’s a look at a few Facebook highlights throughout 2011 for Bronco Bookstore, Dining Services, Kellogg West, and University Village.

Please click the image below to view full size.

Darren and I would like to thank every one for a great year and we look forward to dishing out more fun and engaging campaigns in 2012.

– L

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